• Produce your own electricity

    Produce Your Own Electricity

    We all know that electricity prices are on the rise. Produce your own and be more self sufficient and also save money! Click for more info...
  • Increase your house value

    Increase Your Propery Value

    Not only does installing solar panels on your property save you money, it also increase the value of your home if you choose to move! Click for more information...
  • Tax free income

    Guaranteed Tax Free Income

    With the new government funded Feed In Tariff scheme you're guaranteed an tax free income for 25 years for the energy you produce! This is linked and increase with the Retails Price Index too. So you're looking at approximately an 11% Return on Investment. Click for more details...
  • Easy installation

    Easy Installation

    As a homeowner the thought of having work done on your property can be daunting, in addition to this understanding all the paperwork, taking time off work and having workmen in your house can be a scary thought. Having solar panels fitted is simple and can be done over 1 to 2 days. Click for more...
  • Solar accreditied

    All installations done by fully qualified engineers

    All Solar Panel installations are accredited to the highest standards which include the various industry MCS logo and more. Click for more info.....
  • Help the environment

    Help The environment and reduce your carbon footprint

    Help the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit by going solar.
  • Green Bristol

    Keep Bristol Green

    You may or may not know but Bristol aims to be one of the first cities in Europe which be a fully self ecological. Click for more details...
  • No obligation quote

    Free No Obligation Consultation

    Free Solar Panels Bristol offer a free no obligation quotation and are very happy to help with advice.

Solar Panel Information

Why install Solar Panels on your Property?

Produce your own electricity

Your solar panel system will also provide you with totally free electricity during daylight hours. Solar panels installed over 45 years ago are still producing electricity. You can therefore rest assured that even after the 25 year Feed-in-Tariff scheme finishes the ongoing savings in energy bills will be substantial . Energy prices are expected to rise to significantly higher levels as fossil fuels diminish and world energy consumption increasingly grows.

The average cost for electricity is currently about 13p/kWh and this has increased by roughly 7% each year for the last decade. An average household will use approximately 3300kWh/year of electricity.  A typical 3.6 kWp domestic Solar PV System can provide over 90% of this demand.  Not only are you saving money by not having to use as much energy from the grid, but most utility companies now pay you for generating your own green energy. They do this because they have renewable energy targets to achieve.

Increase your property value

In the U.S. the National Appraisal Institute’s Appraisal Journal from 1999 stated that the value of your home increases by approximately £10 for every £0.50 reduction in annual utility bills. Based on this an average 1.8kWp Solar PV system could increase the value of your house by over £4,000.

Guaranteed tax free income

There has been over 28,000 Solar Panel Installations in the UK and growing at a very fast rate! Now is the time to take advantage of the governments reward scheme. Read more at the Energy Saving Trust Website.

Most domestic purchasers get a better rate of return by investing your savings into a Solar PV system (typically >11% pa) rather than putting it in a bank account or an ISA (typically less <3% pa) The return rate on your solar PV installation will also increase yearly as the Feed In Tariff increases by RPI (41.3p kWh - April 2010. 43.3p kWh – April 2011) . For more information on the returns you could receive use the Cashback Calculator at energysavingtrust.org.uk

With the introduction of UK Government financial incentives for Solar Panel Systems in April 2010, called “Feed-in Tariffs”, installing solar panels has become an extremely cost effective source of renewable energy. The Feed-in Tariff scheme is guaranteed to pay a tax free income for 25 years and is inflation index linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI). It is for most of us, offering a better long-term return than an ISA or Pension. Energy regulator Ofgem is administering the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme which went live on 1st April 2010.

Easy installation

Installing solar panels on your property is easy. It will normally take 1 to 2 days in time. There doesn't have to be any structural changes done. After this you are done -

Help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint

A 3.84kWp Solar PV system can reduce your household carbon emissions by 3,235kg CO2/yr.  Once your Solar PV system has been installed Solar PV does not emit any harmful emissions.  Solar PV is made from a Plentiful Resource: Most Solar PV panels are made of silicon which comes from sand and plenty of this resource is available.

What are Solar PhotoVoltaics (PV) Panels?

The sun’s energy can be converted directly into electricity using photovoltaic cells. PV cells can be used for applications as small as watches and calculators, to large grid-connected arrays of panels. The great attraction of PV technology is that it delivers electricity at the point of use, for example panels can be integrated into buildings to supply the buildings themselves.

In areas where grid connection or other forms of generation are too expensive or not feasible, PV can be very cost-effective. This may be in remote locations, but could also be in a city centre where grid connection may be impractical. For example it can be cheaper to power parking meters with solar energy than with power from the grid.

Solar PV PanelsPV materials are usually solid-state semiconductors. Various forms are used:

  • Mono-crystalline silicon
  • Poly-crystalline silicon
  • Amorphous silicon thin film
  • Thin film cells of other materials such as copper indium diselenide (CIS) and cadmium telluride
  • Organic solar cells

Other technologies are also under development.


Why choose Solar PV as an Investment in Renewable Energy?

Photovoltaic Solar PV Panels are an excellent investment for home owners, the electricity they produce is free and the return on investment is much better than today’s low interest rates on savings and other financial investments of this level.

Which Solar PV Panels should I choose?

Photovoltaic solar panels can be attached to a roof or a wall, or in a garden or field. The Solar PV Panels will then absorb the suns energy and produce solar electricity. Solar panels are normally made from one or two layers of a semi conducting material, typically silicon. When sunlight shines on the cells they produce electricity. Modern PV solar panels are now so efficient that even with the unpredictable UK climate they are still capable of providing electricity all year around. Solar Panels now come in various shapes, sizes and colours, e.g. small grey solar panels that give the impression of being like roof tiles and transparent solar cells that can use on glass roofs such as a conservatory. Our Energy Advisor will help you choose the most appropriate options and positioning of panels for your home to achieve the highest energy yields and income.

Solar PV Technology is reliable and requires no maintenance

Solar PV has been proven to be a reliable technology. Most solar panel manufacturers give 25 years warranty for performance of panels. A Solar PV system has no moving parts therefore apart from cleaning of panels, little maintenance is ever required.

You will not only benefit from free safe renewable electricity, but also as all the systems installed by Free Solar Panels Bristol are fully MCS certified, they qualify for the governments feed in tariff scheme for renewable energy,. An average 4kWh solar array usually equates to around £45,000 of totally tax free income over 25 years (Inflation index linked to RPI)

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